Organic fresh ginger
NOW is selecting the best pieces for the fresh market. In our company owned packing station the roots are going through a full automatic washing line. Hand selecting on size, appearance and brightness of the roots, gives our customers the best quality for the retail market. Fresh ginger is used for cooking and for ginger tea. Fresh organic ginger is available in packaging from 150 gram until 13.6kg cartons.
Organic ginger juice NFC
Ginger juice is getting more and more popular. As an ingredient for blends, as a main ingredient for shots or bottled in jars as a convenience product for at home and the food service market. Also in fermented and probiotic drinks like kombucha & kefir, herbal & botanical drinks and ginger beer our organic ginger juice is used as a key ingredient. Organic ginger juice is available in several qualities:
  • Aseptic packed in drums and bag in box
  • Cold pressed and frozen in jerry cans
  • Slow juiced (craft processed) and frozen in jerry cans
  • Consumer packaging in 200ml jars (for more information: Go-Now)
  • Also conventional ginger juice is available.
Organic ginger puree
Fresh ginger is processed into puree for the food processing industry. In a state of the art factory in The Netherlands we process organic ginger puree  in bulk or on customer specifications. For example IQF pellets processed in 8 gram cubes or bigger.  
Organic ginger dices
IQF frozen ginger dices are mainly used in the food processing industry and the out of home market / wholesalers. Also as an ingredient for frozen fruit in consumer packaging for smoothies you see more often in the supermarkets. Size and packaging on customer specifications. Our producer can process from 4 mm until 10 mm. For inquiries or more info please contact our sales office.