Hans Versteegh, Farmer Lee and Rob van Baal

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With Rob van Baal making a trip through China to explore the culture and to learn the language, the love for organic food began. “I was very impressed by the trip, the culture, and life there.” Rob says. There, he gained eight years of experience in the organic sector. Since 2014, we have been fully specialized in organic ginger cultivation in China and in directly sourcing organic ginger and turmeric in Peru. 

Our business

Together with Hans Versteegh, Rob van Baal founded NOW in 2012. Rob runs the business in Dalian, China and Hans in Aalsmeer, The Netherlands. Dalian NOW runs this modern facility for storage and processing of fresh ginger. After the harvest in October the organic fresh ginger is stored in the climate controlled warehouse. With a capacity of around 3.000MT we can supply our customers all year around.

The process

Processed fresh ginger is mainly exported to Europe to provide our customers with pallets or full container loads. The fresh ginger is processed into juice in a specialized factory in the Netherlands. After processing the juice is bottled in drums and bag in box packaging for the industry to make blends. Pure organic ginger juice is bottled in jars for the retail and food service market. From our storage in The Netherlands we are able to serve our customers worldwide.

The NOW factory
NOW Organic in Peru

The suppliers

Since 2014, NOW Organic has been importing ginger from Peru, which, alongside China is a leading producer of ginger. We source our ginger from multiple Peruvian producers who comply with strict regulations for organic products. Upon arrival in the Netherlands, the ginger undergoes thorough quality control. After extensive testing of the fresh ginger, it is pressed to obtain pure ginger juice. In terms of flavor, Peruvian ginger distinguishes itself from the Chinese variety with its sharper and more intense character.

Ginger cocktail
Moscow Mule

What sets us apart

Wide variety of organic products

Vast experience in the business

The entire chain in-house

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