NOW Organic launches fresh organic juices

This summer, NOW Organic International introduced their own new brand: GO-NOW, a new line of organic juices. “The ginger and turmeric juices are 100% pure juice without any additives,” says Hans Versteegh, one of the owners of NOW Organic International. “These juices are ready-to-mix and can be mixed with water, tea, fruit juices and/or smoothies, for example. The other two juices are ready-to-drink. We have a mix of tangerine juice with ginger and a mix of tangerine juice with turmeric. Delicious and healthy juices known for their spicy flavour sensation, blood pressure lowering, painkilling, purifying and anti-inflammatory aspects, which can even ensure a healthy digestion.”

NOW Organic grows and processes organic ginger in China. “We’ve been growing and importing fresh ginger from China for some time now. We have our own factory in Dalian, Northern China, where we clean, dry and pack the ginger for transport to the Netherlands. Rob van Baal started with this company in China in 2006, and he’s responsible for the daily management over there.”

Patricia, Hans, Rob and Fee toast the introduction of GO-NOW.

In the Netherlands, Hans Versteegh takes care of the sales of fresh, organic ginger to various wholesalers. “In the last three years we’ve also been pressing fresh ginger for industry in the Netherlands. We’ve now completed the circle with juice: we grow, import and export, we press and bottle, and now we also have our own brand: GO-NOW. We sell the juice via wholesalers, so that it ends up with catering establishments such as beach clubs and juice bars. Gyms, chemists, health shops and regular retailers are also very enthused about the launch of these new products.”

The GO-NOW products in a row, with the 750-ml bottle for bulk consumers in the middle.

NOW Organic will be present with a booth during the Horecava in Rai Amsterdam from 7 to 10 January 2019, when the juices can be tasted. All juices are now available via the online shop

For more information:
NOW Organic International
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1431 JE Aalsmeer, the Netherlands
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Publication date :Author: Anne Jansen