We’re drinking more and more drinks with ginger

Smoothie with ginger

It started with slices of ginger in tea, now ginger beer is on the rise. Logical, says food trend watcher Esther Haanschoten. “We’re looking for products with natural ingredients.” There’s more choice now.


First, there was just the old reliable Bundaberg. The ginger beer (without alcohol) from Australia has been available in our country for years. Ginger ale, the American version, became popular during the prohibition in the 1930s. It seems like the Netherlands is now ready to embrace the drink because the range of ginger lemonades is growing steadily.


Jumbo sells Old Jamaica alongside Bundaberg, and the offer at Albert Heijn includes not only these two brands but also Belvoir and Grace. All without alcohol. “We’re seeing an increase in the sale of products with ginger,” said a spokesperson for AH, who couldn’t provide sales figures. The hype started with making ginger tea, slices of ginger steeped in hot water, says food trend watcher Esther Haanschoten. Albert Heijn also sees this at the checkout. Over the past year, the sale of ginger roots has increased by 20 percent. “Ginger tea is good for your stomach and digestion. It also became hip to take a ginger shot, a shot with a concentrated amount of ginger in it. Especially the younger generation is focused on maintaining good health.” This is also reflected in new drinks, which provide an alternative to sodas packed with sugar. “Ginger beer is a more mature drink, with a more complex flavor,” says trend watcher Haanschoten. In addition to the well-known brands, Gosling’s Gingerbeer, Fever Tree, Thomas Henry, Fentimans, and East Imperial are also available in our country. Supermarket chain Marqt also has Cawston Press ginger beer and, in addition, a sparkling water drink with ginger flavor from the brand Whole Earth.

Moscow Mule

According to Haanschoten, ginger beer blew over from London and New York, where it is mainly used for a cocktail hit Moscow Mule. “That’s made with ginger beer, vodka, and mint. It’s incredibly popular in the United States.”

Making a ginger drink yourself is very possible. Like Surinamese women do, Esther Haanschoten outlines. “Ladies there calmly spend half a day peeling ginger together. They put it in barrels, with water and sugar. They let it steep for hours. After filtering, they pour it into bottles. The book Surimam Cooking details exactly how to make the tastiest lemonade. It’s so good that it will soon be available at the popular beach pavilion Woodstock in Bloemendaal.”

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