Welcome to the website of Now Organic!

NOW is a Dutch company with more than fifteen years of experience in sourcing organic products in China. Our facility in the northeast of China has built up a wide network with farmers and suppliers in all kind of organic products. NOW’s sales office in Aalsmeer, The Netherlands, is serving our customer base from full containers loads till pallet wise deliveries from our storage in the Netherlands.

NOW has the following organic projects under its own management:


Ginger Project

Now Organic in Dalian has started certifying own organic fields in 2006, in total now around 42 hectares. Through the years we focused more and more towards growing organic ginger and managing several ginger projects in the same region. In order to get full control in the whole process we established our own ginger processing factory.

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Mandarin Project

In 2008 we started developing an organic citrus project in the “1000 Island Lake” area in the Shanghai region. After we obtained the organic status we introduced organic canned mandarins in the natural food stores in the USA. The last few years we also sell mandarins in the organic food service market in Europe. Now we are ready to serve the retail chains in Europe and the USA with larger volumes.


Other Projects

  • Also from other countries around the globe we are sourcing organic products which are complementary to these projects.


  • In 2016 we started for example with organic turmeric / kurkuma juice. For this year we plan to start with ginseng and goji berry. These products perfectly fits in our product range.


  • Since 2018, Now Organic has been importing ginger from Peru, which, alongside China, is a leading producer of organic ginger. We source our ginger from multiple Peruvian producers who comply with strict regulations for organic products. Upon arrival in the Netherlands, the ginger undergoes thorough quality control. After extensive testing of the fresh ginger, it is pressed to obtain pure ginger juice. In terms of flavor, Peruvian ginger distinguishes itself from the Chinese variety with its sharper and more intense character.